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In English this week we are editing and publishing narratives based on The King of the Horses.
In Maths this week are learning about fractions.

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Spring 2020

This half term our topic is rivers.  We will be learning about rivers from around the world and in the UK. We will learn about parts of rivers as well as learning about the water cycle.

We will also be learning about aspects of Christianity including baptism and the meaning of The Holy trinity.

 Ansford Racquet Festival

The Year 3 Children had a great time improving their racquet  skills at Ansford Academy.  We would like to give a huge thank you to all the Ansford Year 10s that ran the afternoon so well. It was great to see some familiar Old Keinton pupils' faces.

Great fractions work!

Today we were estimating fractions and focusing on thinking of parts of a whole.

Can you order the fractions below?



We estimated where they might fit on a number line!



The children have loved using the gym equipment this week.   



We had lots of fun trying to find out which baby photograph was which Eagles child.  We discussed how everyone has changed so much and thought hard about how we all had different starts in life.

Year 4 children had a fabulous day out at The British Museum and the London Eye.



Autumn 2019

Our topics for this half term are Autumn and Spain. 


Hola! Eagles have been working very hard to learn some Spanish language. We have learned how to say hello and goodbye in lots of ways.  We know how to ask people what their name is and how to answer.  We can ask them how they are and how old they are too!  We can also count to 12 in Spanish!  Not bad in just a few weeks.  We used our computing skills to make a Spanish annimation.  You can watch Jude and Ellie's below: 



Eagles had a great PE lesson this week.  They thought about teamwork and space as well as using throwing skills.  This lesson ended with some fabulous games of Hula Hut!



 Autumn Art

 We have been working on improving our sketching, coluoring and painting skills by focusing on using our eyes really well.  We have been observing closely and trying to draw what we see.  Over the past few weeks we have sketched leaves in pencil and colour pencils, taking note of the beautiful autumn colours.  We have also taken photographs of autumn scenes around the school and tried to think about the compostiton of the photos.  We used these photos as the basis of our water colour paintings.

The Life Bus

We had a great session on the life bus where our theme was, 'It's great to be me.'