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Keinton Mandeville

Falcon Class 2021-2022

This week in English we are:

reading Running WIld.  We are also drafting persuasive letters about the rainforest. 

This week in Maths we are:

learning to use decimal numbers.


 The Rainforest

This half term we are learning about the rainforests.  We are developing our geographical knowledge by locating rainforests and thinking about the human impact on them.

In one of our lessons we used digital mapping to find areas of the rainforest which looked like the may have been changed, or even destroyed by man.

 We found these images on google maps.




We thought this shows where rainforest has been replced withfarming. The shapes of the fields near tracks or roads gave us clues.

We wondered if this could be evidence of mining in the rainforest.


We will be writing persuasive letters about the need to save the rainforest.

 Ancient  Rome

In our Design and Technology lessons we are taking inspiration from Ancient Roman Artillery.  Our challenge is to make a device based on a Balista or a Scorpion to fire a cotton reel as far and as accurately as possible.  However, we are only allowed to used wood, string, cardboard, glue and cotton reels. No elastic bands allowed!

Our Designs:



Watch this space for more!



In computing lessons we have been learning to code using Hopscotch.  We have been working towards programming our own games.



Above you can see some of our coding.

Bellow are some screen shots of our games.


Where in the World are we?

We have been learning about the countries, continents, oceans, seas and lots more.  We have spent a lot of time learning how to use an atlas.  We put together a giant paper jigsaw of the World and labelled countries, the equator, the tropics, the oceans, some seas, some mountain and mountain ranges and more.


Ancient Greece

In our History lesson we looked at artefacts from Ancient Greece and made observations and asked questions about them.  We thought about what they might tell us about life in Ancient Greece.


Bertie brought in his topic homework early. He made a Lego model of The Parthenon.